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Under Floor Hydronic Heating is an effective system that can be used alone or in conjunction with panel radiators and convectors. The process involves a boiler, heating water that is circulated through a pipe system. This enables the home or business to be heated for maximum comfort.

The temperature is controlled to your liking using a thermostat and, the pipe system is concealed under the floor, creating a sense of modern elegance in the room. Heat levels can be controlled with a central thermostat or independently through the use of a manifold to provide more heat in specific rooms as needed. Check out our Hydronic Heating FAQ’s for more information.

Hydronic Heating Systems

There are four parts to a hydronic heating system.

  1. The boiler that heats the water;
  2. Pipes, known as Rehau, that carry the water from the boiler and back
  3. A pump for circulating the water;
  4. Heat that is radiated through the floor surface.

Rehau Pipes

Underfloor Heating ServiceOld-style hydronic heating employed copper pipe that was subject to corrosion. Rehau pipes are constructed of polyethylene, utilising modern techniques and technology. Rehau pipes effectively insulate to successfully reduce heat loss and provide greater efficiency to the entire system.

Rehau pipes are German engineered and ensure that your system is highly innovative and modern. Rehau is one of the world’s leading polymer specialists, and have created effective pipe solutions for over 50 years.

Each product carrying the Rehau name is of the highest quality and is a symbol of technical excellence. Supreme Hydronics ensure that we are installing a quality system in your home or business by using the best Rehau products.

Rehau Benefits

  1. Fast installations
  2. Corrosion and maintenance free
  3. Resistant to a variety of chemicals
  4. Durable
  5. High performance
  6. Environmentally friendly

Hydronic Manifold

Underfloor Heating MelbourneThe manifold is a vital part of your new hydronics heating system. It operates by dispersing water from the boiler to each individual circuit within the system’s various heating zones. A manifold consists of individual blocks, assembled to meet the number of required circuits for your desired heating zones. The manifold is essentially the hub of the heating system, supplying water from the heat source to distribution lines to circulate the hot water that powers the system.

There are various functions of the manifolds that can be used including radiant, hydronic or snow- melt applications. They all have a variety of adapters, fitting assemblies and end caps that can be installed to customise your manifold and system. Supreme Hydronics ensures that your system has the most appropriate fittings and features to suit your home or business.

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