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Hydronic Heating Melbourne

Why Choose Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic Heating Melbourne

Hydronic heating systems offer a clean, quiet and energy efficient means of heating homes and businesses. The systems save money on heating costs, while providing a safe and hygienic environment. Supreme Hydronics is a premiere provider and installer of underfloor heating, towel rails, radiator panels, Rehau pipes, manifolds and boiler systems, providing services to thousands of families.

Hydronic heating provides a comfortable environment through the principles of natural convection and radiation. The systems use a boiler to heat water that is then circulated through pipes under the floor. The heat from the water in the pipes radiates through the floor and is transferred to the air, offering an even distribution of heat. Hydronic systems are especially effective in locales that experience frequent bouts of inclement weather and bitter cold temperatures.

Hydronic heating systems offer a variety of benefits and advantages over traditional methods of heating. They include:


Hydronic heating uses modern boilers that increase the efficiency of heating structures by 80 to 90 percent. Heat rises to the top of a room, making for uneven heating and cold spots. A hydronic system disperses heat from the floor level where it’s most needed.

No Wind-Blown Dust

There are no forced-air fans used that blow dust, pet hair and allergens around. The systems offer relief for those suffering from allergies, asthmas and other breathing problems.hydronic heating


Hydronic heating can be combined with radiator panels set into the wall. They’re mildly warm and safe to the touch for children, the elderly and pets.

Silent Running

A hydronic heating system boiler is typically installed in the basement. There’s no noisy furnace or the sound of air being blown through the home.

Multiple Heating Sources

The water can be heated by natural gas, solid fuels, LPG or heat pumps. When electricity is used as the power source, it’s set to do so during off-peak hours.

Space Savings

There’s no furnace to take up space with a hydronic system, allowing homeowners to take full advantage of all their floor space.

Out Of Sight

The boiler and pipes are concealed and unobtrusive. Modern and decorative radiator panels are the only outward sign of the heating system.

Thermostat Options

The whole house heating systems can be controlled from a single thermostat or separate controls can be installed in any room. They can be operated manually, automatically or with a smartphone application. Hydronic systems are available that monitor the outdoor temperature and makes automatic adjustments according to the amount of heat being lost through the roof and walls.


Maintenance is seldom required with a hydronic heating system, since the only working parts are the boiler and pump kit. The low-maintenance aspect is one of the reasons that the systems come with long-term warranties.

Rebates and Incentives

The Australian government has established a variety of rebates and financial incentives for consumers who utilize hydronic heating. Residents can contact Supreme Hydronics for information about their eligibility.

Money Savings

Hydronic heating systems are one of the most effective methods of distributing heat and offer significant monetary savings on energy costs. Heat naturally rises to the top of a room and traditional furnaces create uneven heating patterns and cold spots at floor level.